There is a rising trend of child abuse cases. In order to promote a harmonious and safe environment for children’s development, our Heart to Heart Parent-Child Programme was launched in 2018. This programme focuses on promoting non-violent communication between parents and children, equipping parents with positive parenting practices, and enhancing children’s problem-solving skills.

Our Impact

Since the launch of the programme, we have reached 566 parents and caregivers and 657 children, allowing children to grow up in a safe and caring family setting with harmonious parent-child connections.



Who We Serve

Save the Children Hong Kong works closely with various schools and NGOs to deliver talks and workshops for children and parents.

We currently provide our services in districts where risk factors such as poverty and single-parent households are prevalent, and reported cases of child abuse are high.


Heart to Heart is a programme designed to ensure that children grow up in a safe and nurturing family environment. Our programme focuses on four key objectives:

Improving parent-child relationships

Increasing caregivers’ and parents’ confidence in positive parenting techniques

Empowering children to feel valued and respected

Enhancing children’s ability to recognise abuse and protect themselves

Our Programme

Happy Childhood, Healthy Child

This activity aims to empower children to feel valued and enhance their ability to cope with abuse by providing various engaging and interactive activities. Children will gain knowledge about:
  • Their own strengths and uniqueness
  • Understanding emotions and coping strategies
  • Potential risks in the community
  • Child rights and different forms of violence
  • Good touch and bad touch
  • Strategies to protect themselves
  • Non-violent communication to express emotions and solve problems

Positive Parenting, Loving Family

This activity aims to increase parents’ and caregivers’ confidence in using positive parenting practices. Parents and caregivers will gain knowledge about:
  • Positive parenting practices
  • Self-care skills and strategies to cope with emotions and stress
  • Child development
  • Their own communication patterns
  • Non-violent communication with children
  • Active listening skills

Communication & Problem Solving with Your Children– video by Save the Children Hong Kong x POPA

Are you struggling with handling your kids? Why do they behave badly even though they surely know it is wrong? Check out the video to learn more!

Positive Parenting Booklet – Positive Parenting Educational Resources

The booklet provides positive parenting tips to parents on how to better understand the needs and feelings of their children while also taking care of themselves, allowing children to grow up in a safe and non-violent environment.


Save the Children Intern Eric

I was delighted to see the significant changes in children. They developed higher self-esteem and were more willing to share their opinions.

Participants Ada

After attending our Positive Parenting, Loving Family classes, my parenting and self-care skills have been strengthened, and I have learned how to solve problems with non-violent communication.