In times of crisis, when children are at their most vulnerable, Save the Children is there. We are always among the first organisations to deliver life-saving support for children and their families. In 2022, Save the Children’s global movement reached 34.9 million people across 70 countries through its humanitarian responses.

Save the Children Hong Kong’s Children’s Emergency Fund provided vital funding to a range of large-scale international emergencies, including when the hunger crisis hit the Horn of Africa and conflict engulfed Ukraine. In addition, Save the Children Hong Kong secured grants from the Disaster Relief Fund of the Government of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region to assist children and their families impacted by natural disasters in the Philippines, India and Bangladesh by distributing kits with daily necessities, such as basic hygiene, household, and education items.

Typhoon Rai in the Philippines

Typhoon Rai devastated the Philippines, submerging villages and disrupting power and water supplies. To assist the worst-affected communities in rebuilding their lives, we provided essential household and hygiene items to 3,100 families. Additionally, we supported 5,100 children with Education Kits to help them restart learning, regain a sense of normalcy and ensure that their education was not disrupted by the disaster.

“We were really left with nothing after the typhoon; that is why we are grateful for the help we received from Save the Children. Through the assistance that we received, we were able to focus our limited resources on other priority needs such as food and the repair of our house.” said Amelia, a mother of five children.

Flooding in India and Bangladesh

In the summer of 2022, north-eastern India and Bangladesh were hit by devastating floods and landslides, affecting over 9 million people. These
floods were the worst to hit the region in over a century.

In India, we provided essential household and shelter items to 5,400 families, helping them rebuild safe living spaces. We also supported 2,300 children with educational and psychosocial items, enabling them to learn, play and recover from the disaster. In Bangladesh, we distributed Kitchen Kits to over 9,600 families, providing them with essential items for cooking and food storage. Additionally, 9,600 children received educational items to help them keep up with their learning and support their recovery from the disaster.

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