At Save the Children, we respect children’s rights to be heard and believe all children should be able to express their views and influence decision-makers. We relentlessly advocate for the implementation of better practices and policies to uphold the rights of children and to guarantee that their voices are heard on a global, national, and local level. We work in close collaboration with children, empowering them as agents of change and amplifying their voices to create a lasting impact.

Policy Advocacy

We review children’s rights policies in Hong Kong and provide timely suggestions. Our aim is to raise awareness of children’s rights and advocate for better child-centred policies.
Our advocacy efforts are based on evidence, as well as our extensive experience and knowledge of working with children, their families and their communities. We conduct and commission research to review and monitor the current child rights situation in Hong Kong, allowing us to better understand the needs of children. 

Youth Empowerment

Save the Children engages the public to drive social and political changes in policy and practice, encompassing child protection, climate change, and inequality, ensuring decision-makers experience the power of public pressure for the betterment of children’s lives, present and future. We empower children and youth to voice out for their rights, and as agents of change in the community.