“Integrating Social and Emotional Learning into School” (iSEL) project aims at promoting mental health literacy among primary school-aged students. In education sector, this is commonly referred to as social-emotional learning (SEL). We believe that with improved mental health literacy, students will become more resilient facing adversity, improving learning outcomes, and improving their mental well-being.

We also encourage parents, educators, and schools to support more social-emotional learning into school-settings as a way to improve children’s mental well-being.

Who We Serve

Our current project covers all primary 5 and primary 6 students of two primary schools, the Bishop Walsh Primary School and St. Patrick’s School, which are in Wong Tai Sin District. That accounts for around 360 students within the project’s 2-year timeframe (2023-2025).


Our programme aims to equip children with strong social and emotional competencies, adopting the social and emotional learning (SEL) framework. The project focuses on five core competencies: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making (CASEL, 2017).

It provides a platform to address these issues and promote social and emotional development among students, helping them engage in school life and enjoy learning.

Our Programme

This programme aims at providing social emotional learning for grade 5 & 6 students in primary schools in a systematic way. There are 24 social emotional learning lessons through out the 2 school years and they are embedded into regular school timetable. Teacher training and parent workshops are organized to enhance the awareness and knowledge about social emotional learning so that they can support the nurturing of children in such skills. There will be a large-scale Social Emotional Week promoting social emotional learning for all teachers, students and parents of the whole school.  

To enhance the programme quality, an Advisory Committee is formed. Committee members provide professional advice to steer the project development and set the roadmap on how to advocate social emotional learning in schools and education sector.