Youth Empowerment

Save the Children empowers children and youth to voice out for their rights, and as agents of change for the betterment of children’s lives, present and future.

Public Education

Co-creating and collaborating with schools, we established seminars and co-creation workshops to advocate for children’s rights and amplify their voices.
Our co-creation school workshop builds students’ creativity, design thinking skills and sensitivity in acknowledging the needs of children and community.
We advocate for children’s rights to create a better society. Topics of the seminars and co-creation workshops we have established:
  • Children’s Rights
  • Children and Youth Participation
  • Children’s Rights to Play
  • Mental Health
  • Design Thinking
  • Participatory Budgeting

We welcome collaborations with child-facing organisations or schools and can provide tailor-made workshops on these topics. Contact us for more information.

Youth Ambassador Programme

We empower youth to voice out for their rights. Youth Ambassador Programme has been our flagship programme since 2019. It features a series of workshops and coaching that empowers young people to use their voices, perspectives and expertise to generate awareness of critical issues to improve the lives of children and advocate for children’s rights in the community.


Generation Hope

Save the Children International calls for a global campaign – #Generation Hope for and with children. We are calling for urgent action on the climate crisis and inequality to create a safe, healthy, and happy future for children. 
To raise the awareness of children and youths about climate change and to convey their voices
Our series of workshops lead  a group of youths on a field trip to the Sham Shui Po community, Hoi Ha Wan Marine Park, and an ideation workshop to understand how climate change and inequality affect children’s lives.
Save the Children gathered the views and visions of children from many countries, including Hong Kong youth, on climate change and inequality, recorded them on a 220-meter-long banner, and displayed it in Bali, Indonesia, where the G20 Summit was held, in the hope that their voices could be conveyed to the leaders of various countries.