Celebrities Join Forces to Support Save the Children HK’s inaugural “Save a Plate” Christmas Campaign

Missing the good old times having big festive dinners with your friends and family? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to invite as many people as you would like to enjoy a festive meal together and support a good cause? Save the Children Hong Kong has just the right campaign for you! 

Save the Children Hong Kong is delighted to launch its inaugural “Save a Plate” campaign in order to enhance awareness of the impact of malnutrition on children, and raise funds to lift struggling children out of hunger across the globe.

Celebrities participating in the “Save a Plate” campaign include but are not limited to:

  • Cathy Lee (Patron of Save the Children Hong Kong)
  • Donnie Yen (Ambassador of Save the Children Hong Kong) and his wife Cissy Wang
  • Jonathan Wong (Child Sponsorship Advocate of Save the Children Hong Kong)
  • Mario Ho and his wife Ming Xi (avid supporters of Save the Children Hong Kong)

These celebrities are avid supporters of Save the Children Hong Kong and our mission to give children a healthy start in life, the opportunity to learn and protection from harm. Save the Children Hong Kong is grateful for their generosity and long-standing support.

“2020 is certainly not a typical year. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc across the world, devastating societies and economies and the lives of many, especially vulnerable children who are in dire need of our support,” said Cathy Lee, Patron of Save the Children Hong Kong. “During this festive season, when we are all blessed with a hot meal, let’s not forget these malnourished children who are facing hunger pains every day.”

“20 million children and families around the world are threatened by famine – and 1 in 3 of the world’s children under five is suffering from malnutrition,” said Carol Szeto, CEO of Save the Children Hong Kong. “We are thrilled by the tremendous support of our celebrity friends for our ‘Save a Plate’ campaign. With so many children’s lives at risk, our concerted efforts will help lift more malnourished children around the world out of poverty and hunger.”

“Save a Plate” is Save the Children Hong Kong’s first-ever virtual Christmas fundraising event to encourage individuals to team up to save a plate for the needy during this festive season. This is a global campaign being rolled out in countries including the Netherlands, Mexico, India, Colombia, South Africa and the US.

“Save a Plate” is easy to join, fun, inclusive and highly interactive!  In addition to virtual plates, individuals are welcome to choose from a selection of carefully curated virtual hampers to gift to friends and relatives near and far during this festive season in support of our cause.

For more information of the “Save a Plate” campaign