HONG KONG: 23 February 2024Regarding the news reports circulating on the internet about a male basketball coach and multiple explicit photos involving a female secondary school student, the event is deeply concerning.  

As an organisation dedicated to promoting the child rights and child protection, Save the Children Hong Kong strongly condemns any form of exploitation targeting children and adolescents. The incident may have profound effects on the mental and physical health of the affected young people.  

We urge all sectors to provide comprehensive psychological support services to the affected students, their families, and others impacted by this event, to help them cope with the emotional and psychological distress caused by the incident.  

We appeal to the public not to disseminate the related explicit photos to prevent further harm to the alleged victims. Acts involving sharing or distributing intimate images without the depicted person’s consent are considered image-based sexual violence, and we should respect others’ personal boundaries and consent. When sharing or sending content online, we should consider the potential risks on the internet.  

The dissemination and sharing of explicit photos may potentially violate the law. It is potentially a criminal offence to distribute obscene materials in Hong Kong, regardless of whether one is aware that the material is obscene. Additionally, the Crimes (Amendment) Ordinance 2021 indicates publishing images derived from the offenses, as well as unauthorised distribution or threats to distribute intimate images, are all considered illegal.  

If  anyone experience image-based sexual violence, you should not be blamed or bear it alone. When needed, please seek support from professional organisations to face the situation together. Save the children takes a zero-tolerance approach to any form of harm to children, we urge all actors in society to end violence against children online and offline. 

CEO of Save the Children Hong Kong
Carol Szeto