A letter for you…


My name is Chi. I’m a grade-3 student at a primary school in Lao Cai, Vietnam. I love reading very much, however, we didn’t have many books to read before. Since our school participated in the project called “Child-centered community development”, there have been many changes.

Last year, our library received a lot of books and reading materials. Save the Children’s staff also gave us a lot of crayons to learn how to draw in our Art class. My classmates and I are very happy, we often read books together during break time or bring them back home. We promise to take care of these books so that other students can still use them later.

I would like to thank all the donors who have contributed to support the children in disadvantaged areas like us to have better learning conditions.

May you always be healthy, happy and continue to make meaningful contributions. Please come to see us in Lao Cai when you have a chance to visit Vietnam!

Chi has written this thank you letter in March 2019. She is one of the sponsored children participating in Save the Children’s child sponsorship program.

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