At Save the Children, we respect children’s rights to be heard and believe all children should be able to express their views and influence decision-makers. We work very closely with children, empowering them as agents of change and amplifying their voices.

In Hong Kong, we regularly review children’s rights related policies and provide timely suggestions. We aim to raise the public awareness on children’s rights and advocate for better child-centred policies.

Youth Ambassador Programme

In 2018, Save the Children launched our Youth Ambassador Programme. It features a series of workshops and coaching that empowers young people to use their voices, perspectives and expertise to generate awareness of critical issues to improve the lives of children and advocate for children rights in the community.

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Letter Exchange Programme

The Letter Exchange Programme, launched in 2018, is a platform for children aged 12-18 from different places of the world to share their life experiences and thinking and to learn issues affecting children in other countries. Participants will use the most conventional way – handwritten letters – to communicate and exchange ideas. The voices of children could provide us a better understanding on their views on issues impacting them.

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Advocating for Inclusive Education in China

In China, children with disabilities face particular challenges in accessing and completing a quality education. Since 2009, we have been advocating in China to help children with disabilities go to mainstream schools and study with other children.

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Young Voices

Young Voices is a child-centred research project targeted young people, to find out their perspectives on matters relevant to them in their daily lives at school, at home and in the community.

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Policy Response

  • Our Recommendations on the Policy Address 2020
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  • Our Recommendations on the 2020-21 Budget
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  • Our Response to the Policy Address 2019
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  • Our Response to the Ombudsman’s report on “Mechanism for Identifying and Reporting Suspected Child Abuse Cases”
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