Taking underprivileged children to teamLab to experience the art of light and inspire creativity

Trip.com teamed up with charitable organisation Save the Children Hong Kong to organise the “Illumination and Shadow Adventure” this summer for underprivileged families in Hong Kong, with support from Trip.com’s partner teamLab. More than 60 parents and children, led by Trip.com employees and Save the Children Hong Kong, visited the multi-sensory wonderland teamLab Future Park to experience creative art. The aim of the event is to provide underprivileged families with the opportunity to explore Hong Kong and inspire children’s creativity and imagination through light and shadow art.

To help participants explore the combination of art and science, Save the Children Hong Kong previously organised a light and shadow workshop led by professional instructors. Parents and children learned how to use light and shadow elements in their handicrafts, showcase and appreciate each other’s work. Art can help to strengthen children’s mental health as children are able to express emotions and alleviate stress through handcraft works, ultimately fostering positivity, creativity and confidence. 

During the visit to teamLab Future Park, both children and parents immersed themselves in an interactive art space through diverse art installations, exploring the concept of “co-creation” through creativity and engagement. Unleashing their boundless imagination, everyone enjoyed the freedom to collaboratively build and shape a “Future Park” with others.

The visit to teamlab Future Park marks the second event in partnership with Save the Children Hong Kong, and Trip.com remains committed to providing meaningful lifestyle experiences for the less privileged members of the community.

Eddy Yip, Product and Marketing Director, Hong Kong and Taiwan and Hong Kong Territory Manager at Trip.com said, “Following the success of last year’s Christmas celebration, we are delighted to collaborate with Save the Children Hong Kong again. Together, we aim to extend our efforts in bringing more low-income families to explore the wonders of Hong Kong and experience the joy of travel. We are also grateful for the support from our attraction partner teamLab. At Trip.com, we are committed to giving back to the society. By leveraging the best travel products and services on our platform, we provide less privileged families with opportunities to explore the world and help to unleash their imagination through art.”

The CEO of Save the Children Hong Kong, Carol Szeto, said, “As the world’s first independent children’s organization, Save the Children Hong Kong has been committed to creating a better future for children in need in Hong Kong and around the world. We are very grateful for the sponsorship and support from Trip.com and teamLab, which bring opportunities for our children to experience creative art, cultivate their artistic and creative thinking, and open up more possibilities for their future. We are delighted to see that both parents and children are enjoying it.”

Louis Mok, representative of ‘FWD Insurance 10th Anniversary presents teamLab Future Park’, said, “teamLab is committed to delivering a distinct art experience that seamlessly merges art and technology. We hope to nurture creativity in people’s everyday lives through engaging and co-creative activities. The vision to offer an interactive and exploratory platform for children to discover their artistic potential and explore boundless possibilities in life forms the essence of ‘Future Park’.”

‘teamLab Future Park’ is a large-scale immersive space that seamlessly blends visual art with interactive sensory effects, it serves as a creative park that integrates art, technology and nature. The park features a myriad of interactive art installations that invite visitors to engage and appreciate, capture moments through selfies, and savour the light and shadow creations, offering a whole new art experience.