20 December 2023 – Hong Kong – Regal Hotels and Save the Children Hong Kong join forces to present an inspiring charitable football event, “Play to Thrive – Christmas Football Fun Day” taking place on 17 December, 2023 at Regala Skycity Hotel. This event marks the first-ever charitable football event held in a hotel ballroom in Hong Kong, and brings holiday blessings and delights to children in need.

Approximately 70 families are invited to the event, all attending children are partaking in the “Play to Thrive” programmes of Save the Children Hong Kong. The highlight of the day is undoubtedly the inflatable football field set up in the Regala Ballroom of Regala Skycity Hotel, which arouses a sense of anticipation and excitement among the children. Esteemed former Hong Kong football star, Mr. Poon Man-tik, and current member of Hong Kong Football Representative Team, Mr. Li Ngai-hoi, have graciously accepted the invitation to personally demonstrate football skills to the enthusiastic young participants. Moreover, an array of diverse football games and engaging booths are thoughtfully arranged for the children to experience the joy that football brings.

To align with the mission of “Play to Thrive” programme, which aims to tackle the growing concern of children’s mental well-being, a Mindfulness Football Painting Workshop is organized by Bodhi Love Foundation, a supporting organisation of the event. They also provide a skilled mentor to guide the children through the process of painting a football while embarking on a tranquil mindfulness journey.

In addition to this, Regal Hotels generously sponsor a sumptuous afternoon tea on that day, allowing the participating families to savor the delectable treats, creating the cherished memories for them.

Ms. Poman Lo, Vice Chairman and Managing Director of Regal Hotels, said, ” With the objective of bringing joy and support to children in need during the festive season, Regal Hotels is honoured to collaborate with Save the Children Hong Kong in this unique initiative. Regal’s enduring commitment is to extend happiness and love to every corner of Hong Kong and benefit a greater number of individuals through various philanthropic endeavors.” She further adds, “Additionally, we aim to use football as a medium to teach essential social-emotional skills to today’s children, including empathy, relationship building, and resilience in the face of challenges, thereby promoting their overall well-being.”

“Save the Children Hong Kong is grateful for Regal Hotels Group’s generous support in bringing festive joy to children and families. We are delighted to see that they all enjoy it.” Ms. Carol Szeto, CEO of Save the Children Hong Kong stated, “The mental health of Hong Kong’s children has been a growing concern in recent years. Through our “Play to Thrive” programme, we promote the physical and mental well-being of children, enabling them to learn social- emotional skills and build resilience through football training. Ultimately, Hong Kong’s children can grow and thrive with a positive and fulfilling childhood.”