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國際非政府組織聯合聲明 呼籲阿富汗解除對女性援助工作者禁令

The leaders of Save the Children, Norwegian Refugee Council, Danish Refugee Council, INTERSOS, Action Against Hunger and World Vision are calling on the de facto authorities in Afghanistan to lift the ban on Afghan women aid workers that has been extended to UN agencies. 

“Without our female staff, the humanitarian community cannot effectively reach women and girls. With more than 28 million people in desperate need of aid to survive, this act will cut off people’s lifelines. 

“We call on the De Facto Authorities to lift the ban and allow all female aid workers in Afghanistan to return to work immediately. With Afghanistan facing record levels of hunger the cost of this ban will be measured by lives lost.” 

Signed by Save the Children, Action Against Hunger, Danish Refugee Council, INTERSOS, Norwegian Refugee Council, World Vision



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