child safeguarding, en

child safeguarding, en
Monitoring & Accountability Behavioural Standards Recruiting & Training Safe Programming Reporting & Response Data Protection

Monitoring & Accountability

The mechanisms that ensure the organisation’s policies and procedures are effective, and that all organisation representatives uphold their responsibility to protect children.

Behavioural Standards

The boundaries that ensure safe and appropriate contact between children and the organisation’s representatives.

Recruiting & Training

The steps taken to ensure that the organisation only recruits those individuals who are suited to work with children, and builds representatives knowledge on the risks to children and their duty of care to keep children safe.

Safe Programming

The measures that ensure all of the organisation’s services are designed, delivered, and monitored using a child-safety perspective of ‘do no harm’.

Reporting & Response

The systems that ensure all child-safety concerns are reported and handled, including referrals to local child protection units where needed, in a manner that prioritises the best interests of the child.

Data Protection

The processes that ensure all sensitive and personal information, especially children’s data, is obtained, handled, shared, and secured in an respectful, professional, and safe way.