May 18 2022: One person likely dying from hunger every 48 seconds in drought-ravaged East Africa as world again fails to heed warnings”

May 17 2022: Save the Children releases survey findings on “Hong Kong Kids Online”

Apr 19 2022: Michael Lau Donates Painting to Raise Funds for Save the Children In Support of  Vulnerable Children in Hong Kong Through Pandemic

Apr 07 2022: Save the Children Hong Kong distributes COVID rapid test kits, food vouchers & data SIM cards Supporting the health & learning needs of underprivileged children

Mar 21 2022: Six million children trapped in Ukraine face grave danger as attacks on schools and hospitals soar

Mar 15 2022: Syria 11 years: Children still being bombed, face hunger and malnutrition  

Mar 9 2022: New research highlights disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on India’s girls 

Mar 4 2022: Save The Children scale-up delivery essential humanitarian aid to children & families in Ukraine

Feb 28 2022: Save the Children Hong Kong: Better Child-friendly Quarantine arrangement is needed in Hong Kong

Feb 28 2022: UKRAINE: Attacks on schools in Ukraine endangering children’s lives and futures

Feb 24 2022: Escalation of hostilities across Ukraine putting 7.5 million children at risk

Jan 21 2022: Yemen: at least three children among more than 60 killed as airstrikes down internet across the country

Jan 16 2022: Tonga volcano: ash and smoke cause concern for air and water safety

Jan 11 2022: Two-thirds of Afghan children need help to survive in 2022

Jan 11 2022: Second fire of 2022 leaves 750 children homeless in Rohingya refugee camp



Dec 28 2021: Save the Children staff identified among the dead after burnt bodies found in Myanmar

Dec 24 2021: Save the Children Hong Kong appoints new board chairman

Dec 20 2021: Mass hunger to ‘Blah Blah Blah’ on Climate: The 7 biggest challenges facing children in 2022

Dec 17 2021: More than 4 million children affected after super typhoon Rai tears through Philippines

Dec 16 2021: Number of Afghan Children without enough to eat up 3.3 million in just four months

Dec 10 2021: Seven children confirmed dead following volcanic eruption in Indonesia

Dec 10 2021: Save the Children Hong Kong Survey: Public’s view towards child discipline practices and corporal punishment

Dec 1 2021: 780,000 Afghan children without shelter, nearly 8.6 million without blankets as temperatures drop below freezing

Nov 30 2021: The number of children living in deadliest war zones rises nearly 20% to highest in over a decade

Nov 26 2021: Save the Children: Stop the Tragedy of Child Abuse and Protect Lives of Vulnerable Children

Nov 20 2021: World Children’s Day:Save with LOVE Campaign

Nov 01 2021: Children surviving the climate crisis

Oct 29 2021: Climate Crises force rising numbers of children from their homes every year with no way back

Oct 25 2021: Children dying from starvation in Kabul as ‘unprecedented’ food crisis leaves almost 14 million Afghan children hungry

Oct 11 2021: Child marriage kills more than 60 girls a day

Oct 8 2021: COVID-19: Children globally struggling after lockdowns averaging six months

Oct 7 2021: AFGHANISTAN: Health system collapse will result in thousands of additional child deaths each month

Oct 4 2021: MYANMAR: More than 76,000 children displaced by violence since coup, with pregnant women forced to give birth in forest

Sep 30 2021: Northern Syria: COVID-19 claims a 20 day-old baby and a 17-year-old pregnant girl

Sep 27 2021: CLIMATE CRISIS – Children face life with far more heatwaves, floods, droughts and wildfires than grandparents

Sep 23 2021: Children in South Sudan say hunger is forcing them into child marriage and crime

Sep 20 2021: Afghanistan – Save the Children shocked by reports that girls will not be allowed back to school

Sep 6 2021: Education in a quarter of the world’s countries is on the brink of collapse without urgent action

Aug 25 2021: “Worst year yet”: Four years since Rohingya exodus, fires, floods and COVID-19 take toll on children

Aug 20 2021: Children in Haiti going hungry on the streets in earthquake-hit area

Aug 19 2021: Save The Children Concerned Hunger Crisis In Afghanistan Will Escalate

Jun 24 2021: More than 5.7 million children under five on the brink of starvation across the world

Jun 17 2021: NO SAFE HAVEN:The plight of Rohingya children across Asia

Jun 10 2021: COVID-19: Kids in world’s poorest countries lost 66% more of lifetime at school than richer peers – Save the Children

Jun 8 2021: 100 former Prime Ministers & Presidents demand G7 make world safe again by vaccinating poorer countries

May 24 2021: Save the Children Hong Kong’s Study: 42% of Secondary School Students Felt Sad for a Long Time and 3 in 5 had worried that someone they know will harm themselves

May 10 2021: Save the Children Hong Kong: 3 in 4 Parents Feel More Stressed with Online Learning, Worse for Deprived Families

May 5 2021: INDIA: Grave concerns for young children and pregnant women amidst COVID-19 crisis

Apr 29 2021: Save the Children: Millions of children risk being pushed into poverty and hunger as India’s deadly Covid crisis spirals

Apr 21 2021: Save the Children: Zero Tolerance to Child Abuse

Apr 14 2021: Save the Children: How Many More Tragedies Does It Take Before Child Abuse Can Be Prevented?

Apr 01 2021: Myanmar: 43 children killed by armed forces in just two months since the coup began

Mar 29 2021: VTech Announces Collaboration with Save the Children

Mar 23 2021: YEMEN: A quarter of all civilian casualties are children

Mar 22 2021: Students Share Online Safety Tips at Video Contest

Mar 18 2021: ‘Anywhere but Syria’: After ten years of war, the vast majority of children can’t imagine a future in the country

Mar 9 2021: Save the Children warns children have lost more than a third of their school year to the pandemic

Mar 2 2021: 60 million children across eight of the biggest humanitarian crises need help to survive this year, warns Save the Children

Feb 23 2021: Save the Children: In Yemen, over two million children expected to go hungry or starve in 2021

Feb 9 2021: Save the Children Survey: Online Learning Leads to Increased Risk of Inequality in Education Experience



Dec 1 2020: “What’s Your Story?” video contest invites individuals and schools to share personal experience on online safety during the pandemic

Nov 24 2020: Celebrities Join Forces to Support Save the Children HK’s inaugural “Save a Plate” Christmas Campaign

Nov 12 2020: World Pneumonia Day: A Child Dies of Pneumonia Every 39 Seconds

Oct 15 2020: SAVE THE CHILDREN – Almost 600 million children completely missed out on financial support during COVID-19

Oct 1 2020: COVID-19 Places Half A Million More Girls at Risk of Child Marriage in 2020

Sep 22 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong Invests Close To HK$8 Million To Ramp up Its Support For Children’s Mental Health

Sep 10 2020: COVID-19: Children from Poorest Households across the Globe Have Suffered Greatest Loss of Family Income, Missed Out Most on Education and Faced the Highest Risk of Violence at Home

Aug 18 2020: 275-Strong World Leaders’ Group Warns of Tragic ‘COVID Generation’ – Millions of Children Hit As Education Faces $150 Billion of Cuts

Aug 18 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong Assists Vulnerable Children with Bookstore Vouchers and Hygiene Products during Third Wave of COVID-19

Aug 10 2020: Beirut’s Children Are Likely to Suffer from Anxiety, Night Terrors – Save the Children

Jul 13 2020: Almost 10 Million Children May Never Return to School Following COVID-19 Lockdown

May 28 2020: COVID-19: Number of Children Living in Household Poverty to Soar by Up To 86 Million by End of Year

May 25 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong Survey: Half of the Students Have Difficulties Understanding Instructions and Homework while Learning at Home

Apr 29 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong and Patron Cathy Lee Launch #SaveWithStoriesHK To Help Children Learn During Coronavirus School Closures

Apr 09 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong Distributes Children’s Masks and Laptops to Support Vulnerable Families amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Mar 30 2020: Slow Coronavirus Response to Cost Millions of Lives in Poorest Countries

Mar 25 2020: COVID-19: Most Marginalised Children Will Bear the Brunt of Unprecedented School Closures Around the World 

Mar 24 2020: Five Years of War in Yemen: More Than Half of Children Feel Sad and Depressed

Mar 24 2020: Global Ceasefire Could Help Protect the Lives of 415 Million Children

Mar 18 2020: Save the Children: Millions of Refugee and Displaced Children in Overcrowded Camps as Coronavirus Spreads Globally

Mar 16 2020: Idlib, Syria: Two Schools a Day Damaged or Abandoned During Escalation in Fighting

Mar 10 2020: Cyclone Idai One Year on: Southern Africa Still Devastated and Vulnerable to Climate Shocks

Feb 28 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong Distributes Hand Sanitisers and Face Masks to Protect Vulnerable Children & Families from Coronavirus

Feb 07 2020: Save the Children Delivers 36,000 Face Masks to Wuhan

Jan 10 2020: Save the Children Hong Kong Appoints new CEO


Nov 20 2019: Save the Children Hong Kong Appoints New Board Chairman and Vice Chairman

Aug 21 2019: 61 NGOs Warn of Worsening Crisis in Myanmar

July 19 2019: Jonathan to Share Experience in Visiting His Sponsored Girl in Vietnam

May 29 2019: Children Better Off Today Than 20 Years Ago

May 11 2019: Save the Children Launches Stop the War on Children Event in Hong Kong

Mar 26 2019: Six Months On from Sulawesi Disaster

Mar 25 2019: Children Are Killed or Injured by Foreign Bombs

Mar 25 2019: Mounting Fear for Children Separated from Their Parents

Mar 11 2019: Syria Leaves Children ‘Always or Frequently’ Feeling Unsafe

Feb 15 2019: At Least 100,000 Babies Die Every Year Because of Conflict


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