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“Teen Vision” – A Unique chance for Hong Kong’s Youth to Tell Their Stories

Teenagers are often the hardest hit by poverty, discrimination, bullying, exam stress and other modern-day social ills. Yet their voices are commonly the least heard, understood or respected.

That’s why we launch “Teen Vision” – a project giving Hong Kong’s teenagers an unprecedented opportunity to express their thoughts on issues they care most about through storytelling and videography.

This summer, join an expert-led filmmaking workshop allowing youth to explore the most pressing social issues through their own lens, propose their own creative solutions, and get a chance to visit local NGOs and communities.

The project will help the territory’s youth drive the conversation around the issues that affect them most – while empowering them to take their future into their own hands.

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Program Schedule:

16 July 2016 – Orientation & Videography Training

20 July 2016 – Agency Visit 1) Christian Action (Ethnic Minority in HK and Discrimination) and 2) Yidan Prize Foundation (Quality Education)

22 July 2016 – Agency Visit 3) Samaritan Befrienders Hong Kong (Children Psychological Well-being) and 4) Society for Community Organization (SoCo) (Poverty & Children, observe and film petition organized by children)

25 July 2016 to 21 Aug 2016 – Group Filming

8 October 2016 (Saturday) – Graduation Ceremony and Film Screening


Teen Vision Making-of:


Team information:

Group 1: ”Shan's voice”


This documentary interviewed the chairperson of Children’s Rights Association of Society for Community Organisation, Lo Yuet Shan. She’s aged 15 and told her story and life journey in this documentary. There are still 30-40 thousand children live in partitioned flats in Hong Kong. Yuet Shan and her family had waited for 8 years living in partitioned flat and finally moved to public housing. However, she then faces other problems like lead-contaminated water and high cost of living. Thus she hopes to voice out for children who are from the grass roots society.

Filming: Woo Cheuk Yi, Wong Tsoi Yu, Tsang Shuk Ting, Keung Yan Yuet

Interviewer: Tsang Shuk Ting

Coordination: Woo Cheuk Yi, Keung Yan Yuet

Facilitator: Ms. Lucia Yuen Siu Tsz

Thanks: Our Lady of the Rosary College

Special thanks: Society for Community Organisation, Lo Yuet Shan

Group 2: “Helping Hand”


Jia-qi is a transfer student from Mainland China. She cannot speak Cantonese and is discriminated by her classmates. She feels love and hope again until getting help from other classmates.

Production team: Chen Xiao Yu, Xu Yuan Qi, Law On Ki, Hong Ying Qi, Tam Ka Yin

Facilitator: Ms. Sophia Shek

Thanks: Hong Kong & Kowloon Chiu Chow Public Association Secondary School 

Group 3: “Chi Wing’s Struggles”


New migrant, Chi Wing, was always bullied by his classmates. He was once feeling depressed. However, he still proactively helped his classmate who encountered technical difficulty in film production. Their relationship changed since then and Chi Wing did teach his classmate a valuable lesson.

Cast: Kong Chun, Lau Ngai Yin, Jerry Liu (Chi Wing), Wong Chun Yin

Editors: Lau Ngai Yin, Jerry Liu

Videography: Chan Yui Kit, Wong King Mun, Au Chin Kit

Facilitator: Mr. Joseph Wu Hong Lun

Thanks: Yuen Long Public Secondary School (YLPSS), CCC Fong Yun Wah Secondary School

Group 4: “The Ray of Hope”


Danny’s parents were very strict to him and liked to see him excel in school. Even if Danny got second place in class, they were not satisfied and pressured him to get into first place. When Danny came down with a fatal depression, his parents regretted their former strictness.

Director: Qasim

Editor: Zaryab

Cast: Sukhchain (Danny), Haris (Danny’s Dad)

Facilitator: Freddie

Special Thanks to: Islamic Kasim Tuet Memorial College

Group 5: “Home”


Production team was deeply touched after watching Wong Cheuk Ming from Children’s Rights Association of Society for Community Organisation protest to Hong Kong Government Headquarters for the plight of living in partitioned flats. The production team members themselves had lived at partitioned flats and experienced the same as Wong. Some team members are living in children's homes, facing discrimination in the society. This documentary, from interviewing Wong, brings out the voices of production team members. It is a film inside a film, a story inside a story.

Interviewee: Wong Cheuk Ming

Production team: Ching Chi Pang, Liu Chak Yin, Bui Ka Chun, Lee Chun Ho, Chong Sze Lung

Facilitator: Mr Simon Chung

Thanks: Society for Community Organisation, Wong Cheuk Ming

Group 6: “Dyslexia” 


Tze Ching who was diagnosed with Dyslexia has low performance in school result. She always fails in dictation, even gets on wrong buses because she cannot read signs clearly. However, she was blessed to have a chance for being a normal person for one day. On that day, she met a classmate who has dyslexia and Tze Ching was with her to go through all challenges.

Production: Chan Ka Lam Kary

Videography: Maggie Li, Chan Sze Wan

Director and editor: Kasey Kwok, Kwok Hong Ni Konnie

Deputy director: Yue Fion Hoi Tung

Props: Heidi Cheng

Cast: Suen Tak Wing, Teacher Yau Cheuk Shing, Yue Fion Hoi Tung, Chan Ka Lam Kary, Maggie Li, Chan Sze Wan, Kasey Kwok, Kwok Hong Ni Konnie, Heidi Cheng

Facilitator: Ms. Chow Hiu Tung

Thanks: Sacred Heart Canossian College

Group 7: “A lonely life” 


This animation is about a boy who always stays home to play video games but not eating properly. He finally entered into the hospital because consuming excessive junk food. This story reminds teenagers that they should live a healthy life.

Production: Sam Chan

Facilitator: Mr. Freddie Chan

Group 8: “Does students have pressure?”


Nowadays, adolescent development is always limited to academic performance. What do adolescents actually think? From the interviews of two senior secondary school students and a teacher, we can hear the comments and requests from two generations.

Director: Leung Choi Ying, Wan Tsz Hing

Production team: Leung Choi Ying, Wan Tsz Hing, Mak Chi Fung, Chan Tsz Hin, Fung Kwok Chun

Facilitator: Ms. Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan

Group 9: “Dreams‧ Limitation” 


How does a teenaged Parkour lover, Lau Chak Fung, face the objections from family for the pursual of his interest? What did he experience during the journey to his dream? What are the inspirations in the process?

Production team: Wong Tsz Hin, Lau Chak Fung, Wong Hon Leung, Lee Tsz Lok, Lin Hing Yip

Facilitator: Ms. Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan