Children’s Emergency Fund

Help us Act Fast to save children’s lives whenever and wherever a new emergency strikes!

Earthquakes, floods, famine, conflicts: devastating emergencies can happen anywhere, often with little or no warning. We have to act fast to save children’s lives. Our Children’s Emergency Fund means that we can. In the toughest circumstances and in forgotten corners of the world, this special reserve of money will save thousands of lives.

Give now to our Children’s Emergency Fund and save children’s lives.

We know that a new emergency could strike at anytime, anywhere in the world. When it does, children are likely to be hardest hit. With your support, we can be ready to send life-saving food, shelter and medicines straight to where they are most urgently needed. Save the Children has been responding to emergencies for more than 90 years.

Right now, our Emergency Fund is more vital than ever.

How your donation will help children

1. Pre-emergency preparedness & disaster risk reduction

To reduce impacts of rapid onset emergency situations, we prepare vulnerable communities by having plans and expertise in place to react immediately when disaster strikes. This work can include marshalling communities to have in place a plan for evacuation, agreeing on sources of assistance & how that assistance can be delivered, and training of local population with the appropriate response expertise.  Preposition of emergency relief stock and items is carried out where needed.  Our programs are considered from a child centric viewpoint as children are amongst the most vulnerable in an emergency situation.

2. Relief assistance during crisis

When homes, schools or even health facilities are destroyed, there is an urgent need to set up these temporary facilities to help people in rebuilding their lives.  We set up temporary shelters, provide health & sanitation facilities, and child friendly spaces to look after those most impacted by humanitarian crises.

Gerald, 9, survived Typhoon Haiyan on 8 November 2013. He and his family evacuated their home and went to a nearby school, where they were sheltered as the typhoon destroyed the area around them. When they returned home, they found their house had been destroyed along with their fishing boat. At times of sudden onset of an emergency, funds from our Children’s Emergency Fund can be quickly allocated to assist children and families affected. Gerald resumed learning at a Save the Children Child Friendly Space at Leyte province, Philippines.

3. Recovery work after emergencies

Reconstruction may take a long time and communities may need assistance to regain the lives they once had.  Our support includes strengthening the rebuild of health systems by contributing our own expertise and workers.  We also provide communities with shelter support during harsh winters, as well as helping to restart the economic cycle in communities via resumption of trade.

Help us Act Fast to save children’s lives whenever and wherever a new emergency strikes!

Support our Children’s Emergency Fund

Our emergency teams are on the frontline in saving lives in deadly Mediterranean. In Syria, we’re doing everything we can to reach children whose lives have been destroyed by war. In Nepal, we’re helping families rebuild after the devastating earthquake.